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Flexible LED projects and creative LED lighting find their fulfillment in our immersive LED display screens. We offer a wide range of pixel pitch options and aspect ratios ensuring that in addition to providing you with a unique video display, your content is as engaging as you imagined.

Professional Immersive LED Display Solutions

Viewpointec provides professional immersive display solutions of outstanding quality. They are designed to give 360° viewing angles and a display experience like no other. Their performance is far better than that of projected domes as they require no warm-up times and do not present any alignment or sightline issues. 

We offer a variety of immersive dome sizes with resolutions of between 4K to 22K. You can also look forward to an immersive sound experience as the dome’s audio quality is enhanced by its perforated structure. Our immersive LED domes are suitable for application in research centers, broadcast houses, museums, sports arenas, among many other venues.

What is an Immersive LED Dome?

An immersive dome consists of a dome-shaped metal frame draped in a dark-colored substrate. LED panel tiles are then affixed onto the substrate to make it an LED module capable of displaying images and video. The LED tile panels are attached using magnets thereby producing a seamless module. In a nutshell, this is the 3D equivalent of an LED video wall. 

The images displayed by a Viewpointec LED ceiling screen have amazing contrast. This is because the dark-colored substrate placed beneath the LEDs prevents cross-reflection of light rays. It also enhances the immersive experience by blocking off the dome from the surrounding external environment. Being inside it is akin to being transported to a different planet.

For consistency, we calibrate every dome at our factory to ensure all its LED panels offer uniform brightness and color. It is also at this stage that we test its general functioning to confirm it is up to standard.

Immersive Video Display Solutions


LED Tunnels

LED tunnels are fun and innovative ways to decorate passage and entryways. They can be incorporated into theme parks, nightclubs, and concert venues. The goal is to create an other-worldly experience that is entertaining and fascinating to revelers. The display walls can be used for illumination or the transmission of video and animated images. 

Every LED tunnel is unique in terms of dimensions and design requirements. We can work with you to create a custom immersive tunnel display for your entertainment premises. It is an installation your customers are likely to enjoy and keep coming back for.

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Interactive and Immersive Experiences

Interactive and immersive experiences are becoming increasingly popular among learners and gamers. It is easier, for instance, to grasp the concept of the solar system by watching a mock simulation of it. Gamers, on the other hand, enjoy video games more when they feel as though they are actually immersed in the game setting. Immersive domes are a great solution for both of these needs. They can be programmed to work in sync with simulations for demonstrative learning or used for virtual gaming.

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Floor and Ceiling LED Display

Floor and ceiling LED displays would be a wider adaptation of the LED tunnel concept. As opposed to only adding the immersive element in a passageway, it can be adapted for a whole room. This is a very captivating installation as there would be a floor LED screen and a LED ceiling screen. Everyone in the room would be engulfed by the sound and images beaming from both directions. This too would be ideal for entertainment venues and concerts.

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Why Choose Viewpointec Immersive LED Solutions?

Immersive Video Display Experience

Viewpointec immersive LED displays are designed to deliver a virtual reality experience without any special goggles. Their images have such high resolution that they seem tangible and realistic to the human eye. They are so much more than you could achieve with a projector no matter its resolution. Both of our dome designs can be produced in relatively small and large sizes depending on the application. However, with resolution options ranging up to 22K, we can deliver the same immersive experience regardless of the size of the dome.

Programmable and Easy to Control

The control panels for our immersive LED domes are user-friendly and offer a wide selection of control options. We have also designed their interfaces to be interactive with prompts and shortcuts to make everything easy for you. The programming functions would only be necessary if you are creating special effects or for complex applications like simulations. They are, nevertheless, simplified and you can always reach out to us for troubleshooting tips.

Excellent Customization Services

We develop all our immersive LED display concepts in-house and, therefore, understand how to adjust them. This enables us to customize every design detail to match your needs. Factors such as size, resolution, brightness, and color contrast can all be recalibrated to your preference.


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