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We are proud of our unparalleled service and support that we provide by offering quality products manufactured in our own factory and by constantly enhancing relationships with our customers. Whether you want to order an existing product or start your new LED display project, we are here to assist you along the way.

Viewpointec LED Display Solutions

Viewpointec is an industry-leading LED display and digital signage supplier. We combine decades of experience in the business and today’s modern technology to create premium LED display solutions. Our team of staff is highly skilled in their craft and are constantly innovating new solutions to meet the display needs of our clients. All our inputs are sourced from top brands around the world and processed specifically to Viewpointec standards. They are assembled into LED displays at our state-of-the-art factory and taken through strict quality inspections. We have the capacity to produce in bulk and within brief lead times. 

We manufacture a variety of LED screen display models with distinct features to cater to our diverse pool of clients. They vary in size, flexibility, and can be installed in different ways. This makes them ideal for numerous indoor applications such as advertising, entertainment, and infotainment. They are applicable in houses of worship, airports, broadcast houses, and many other locations that require public displays. Additionally, for special projects, we offer custom LED display solutions that are tailor-made to a client’s specifications. All Viewpointec LED displays and signage are manufactured in line with international industry standards and have been certified by regulatory bodies.

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  • Broadcast

    Broadcast LED Screen Solution

    On-set viewing by delivering a seamless visual experience that can be customized in size and shape—capturing a more engaged audience.

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  • Airports

    Airport LED Screen Solution

    A broad range of display screens allows airports to provide travelers with accurate and the most up-to-date information.

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  • Retail

    Retail LED Screen Solution

    LED screens display interactive content, helping the retailers grab the attention of busy and increasingly distracted customers.

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  • Theme Parks

    Theme Park LED Screen Solution

    We thrive on distinctive, vivid, eye-catching design and construction possibilities in theme parks and movie complexes.

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  • Houses of Worship

    Church LED Screen Solution

    Creative LED screens for more dynamic and engaging worship events and ceremonies.

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  • Simulation Training

    Simulation Training LED Screen Solution

    Low-risk solutions for simulation training, featuring high definition and requiring no further development.

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  • Cinema

    Cinema LED Screen Solution

    Promote a modern cinema environment by improving the complete experience of promoting, informing, and entertaining.

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  • Casino

    Casino LED Screen Solution

    Maximize the excitement and flash of the Vegas Strip utilizing the complete control over a large number of apps and pre-built content.

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Why Choose Viewpointec?

Highly Versatile for a Wide Range of Applications

Viewpointec offers LED displays that can be adapted in a variety of settings. Whether it is a train station, a mall, or a storefront display, we have the right display solution for your needs. Our LED screen models are suitable for spaces of different sizes and can display images of various resolutions and aspect ratios. We also have models that are portable and can be mounted in dynamic styles and different venues.

Further, we understand that choosing a LED screen can be a complex and technical process. Our team is, therefore, available to help you find the right LED display solutions based on the objectives of your project. Our vast range of products also allows you to compare and choose one or more LED screen types to install at your premises.

Custom LED Solutions

When your LED display project requires unique solutions, the Viewpointec design team has what it takes to create them for you. Our custom LED solutions are designed to match the specific requirements of your project or brand preferences. All you have to do is present to us the details of your space, your display needs, and your vision for the project. Our design team will then design LED wall solutions or an electronic signage display within those exact parameters. 

Years of experience in the business enables us to customize your LED screen displays in extensive detail. Factors such as size, shape, installation style, and pixel pitch can all be modified according to your brief. Additionally, we use the highest quality of inputs to ensure that your custom LED display delivers clear eye-catching images.

Easy Installation

Viewpointec LED screen displays are easy to install and can be mounted in different styles and on different surfaces. They have a slim design that takes up little room and requires only a few accessories to install. Most of our LED screen models can also be installed at a considerable distance from their power source. We incorporate this design feature to give you more freedom when choosing an installation site.

Our flexible LED displays can be folded and twisted to create unique shapes and impressions for creative installations. Their lightweight design further makes them easy to lift and maneuver without the risk of breakage or damaging the LED module. We recommend them if you would like LED screens for events or similar applications that may require quick installations as well as portability.

Fast Shipping

We are dedicated to honoring our clients’ schedules and project timelines. Consequently, we fulfill orders fast while adhering to the highest quality standards. Upon completion, every LED display is tested and safely packaged for dispatch.

Viewpointec supplies LED display screens to clients across the world. We use reliable courier systems that deliver all our dispatched orders in good condition and on time. Our customer service team will keep you informed about the status of your order at all times and help you navigate any challenges that may arise.

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