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LED Display Manufacturer

Viewpointec is a world-class LED screen manufacturer with more than a decade of experience in the business. We design standard and custom LED screen displays for a variety of indoor applications including broadcasting, retail, entertainment venues, and numerous other vibrant settings. Each of our screens is built to deliver an unmatched viewing experience with high resolution and clear, impeccable sound.

When you entrust us with your vision, we harness every production resource at our disposal and our innovative skills to deliver what you need. We have a wide portfolio of designs that you can choose from and we are well-equipped to create a custom display just for you. Let us transform your spaces with remarkable displays that your customers can delight in.

Fully Customize Your Own LED Display Product

We understand that the needs of your organization and or events are unique. It is equally essential that your brand image is elevated to stand out as it deserves to. In keeping with this, we offer customization services through which you can have control over every design detail of the LED screens you order from Viewpointec. 

For every custom order, be it a restaurant, an airport, or casino display, our design team will be on hand to capture your brief in extensive detail. This will enable us to customize the modules of your LED screen to meet the shape, dimensional, and installation style requirements that you bring to us.

Further, client satisfaction is crucial to us and as such, we believe in engaging our clients for approval at every pertinent stage. Our goal is to ensure that the final product we deliver to you exceeds every expectation and quality standard.

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Solutions for Every Environment and Application

  • For Broadcast

    Visibility of the stage area and the broadcasting footage is vital, as you want the entire audience to have a clear and unobstructed view. The Viewpointec broadcast LED screens produce a great impact on home viewers as the enormity and clarity presented on the small screen will leave viewers in awe of the spectacle.

  • For Airports

    Reliable and rugged digital LED displays in airports ​guide travelers providing them with the arrival, departure, entrance, and times info, baggage carousel status, weather updates, and much more. Engage travelers in a remarkable experience, creating an entertaining environment with eye-catching digital display designs and content.

  • For Retail

    Display solutions are essential to boost the fast and efficient shopping experience of customers. By capturing the attention of consumers with the real-time promotion facilitated by theHD LED display screens, retailers will be able to add much more fun to the shopping experience of their customers.

  • For Theme Parks

    The Amusement park digital displays ​can be used to improve day-to-day communications and marketing. Eliminate the need for costly printed signs while improving the way you visually market and share information.

  • For Houses of Worship

    Using dome LED displays, churches creatively improve the worship experience and strengthen the bond with the congregation. The church LED screen creates sustainable and attractive experiences that build commitment and unify the church.

  • For Simulation Training

    We design and integrate display solutions for the simulation and training system for professional military, research and civil use. The HD LED screen​ evenly delivers content of stunning quality with wide viewing angles, making it ideal for larger spaces for mass audiences.

  • For Cinema

    In theater lobbies and halls, LED display screens enable smart visual communications. Deepening guest engagement and responsiveness, enhancing the experience of theater shopping, and increasing the theater revenue —that's what cinema LED signage​ aims at.

  • For Casino

    Bright lights and beautiful display screens​ are a huge part of the alluring image at the forefront of the casino and gaming industry. See how Viewpointec develop the latest of brilliant LED display to draw customers closer and build on the thrills of what can happen.

Why Choose Viewpointec LED Displays

Viewpointec combines consulting, creativity, support, and a highly strict quality control management to deliver you an engaging digital experience.

  • Full-Color LED Beads

    High brightness lamp beads ensure low power consumption, also feature anti-static ability.

  • High Quality Chip

    for super fine pitch LED displays and enables the smart power saving.

  • Stable LED Power

    Comply with globle safety standards and international certifications, such ETL, MET, FCC, CE, Reach, RoHs.

  • Integrated Control System

    Offer a flexible user interface with a wide range of production setups and handling possibilities.

Quality from In-House Production

We don’t design our products to meet the standard; we design our products to exceed the standard. Covered by ISO9001 and ISO14001, Viewpointec's engineers design LED displays to provide a consistent light output and light color for many years.

By collaborating with leading market suppliers for our components, and guaranteed by quality management, we can achieve our low defect percentage. Moreover, with continuous efforts to improve the efficiency of our products, we strive to deliver a meaningful contribution to a better environment.

Products Certificated by

  • CE
  • RoHS
  • ETL
  • FCC
  • TUV
  • SGS
  • Reach
  • UL

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