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Panoramic 360° Screen Sphere

LED Dome screen system outperforms projection-based dome system in brightness, contrast ratio, reliability and lifespan.

LED Dome

Immersive 360° Environments

LED Dome system is an innovative and revolutionary in full-dome led technology, which is incorporated LEDs directly into the surface of dome, turning it into a dynamic video screen that be superior to projector solutions in brightness, contract, reliability and lifespan.

LED Dome system is used black LEDs to create an unparalleled dark environment and matte-black surface. Cross reflection is virtually eliminated, enormously increasing system contrast. Married excellent brightness, colors are more rich in resolutions of 4K, 8K, 12K, and 22K. Its image quality far beyond any existing projection solutions. The perforation function enables the sound surround the whole system with completely immersion.

LED Dome system offers powerful simplicity over multi-projector systems, which provides permanent alignment, no drift, no sightline issues, no warm-up time, and long plus low maintenance lifespan. The delicate design of the system reduce the whole weight of screen body.

Applications: Theme park, 3D Theater, Rider, Sports, Museum, Simulation, Planetarium, Science Center, and Broadcast etc.

True Live Fulldome Shows

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  • Excellent Image Quality

    Based on the different request, Viewpointec provides 4k, 8k, 10k, or even 22K + solutions for different sizes and shapes available on demand. A better contrast ratio and higher brightness, much more color depth than offered by the projection dome.

  • Hassle-Free Installation

    Magnetic tiles to eliminate alignment requirements, ensuring fast assembly. Easy access to electronics for simple maintenance and installation.

  • Factory Calibration

    Every dome digital display is factory calibrated to provide uniform brightness and color right out of the box.

Turnkey Service - Design, Create, Manage

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    Unique Design Solutions from the Ground Up

    Full-dome shows, air domes, 3D video display, building frames, interactive systems and immersive environment—we can create out-of-the-box solutions for everything we do.

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    Interactive Control Systems to Bring Your Content to Life

    We develop our own unique control systems, providing shortcuts for any content-building experiences that reach beyond reality. Turnkey services are available anywhere on the planet.

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    Manage Your Building or Dome Installation

    We can assist you with managing your installation or your permanent installation. Bringing you artistic and technical solutions, as well as assistance, to manage your tour, event or venue.

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