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Viewpointec Creative LED Display

At Viewpointec, we believe in providing our clients unique LED display solutions. We understand that your brand needs to stand out at certain locations or during special events. This is why we offer creative LED displays for branding at events, decor in building foyers among many other applications.

Creative LED Display

Viewpointec provides excellent creative LED display solutions. Here, you can design and custom-make any shape of LED display that meets your need, not just the traditional cube and globe. You can also custom your own LED icon display. In Viewpointec, one of the best LED screen suppliers in China, we are dedicated to make-come-true every one of your creative displaying ideas.

Our ultra-light LED screens products allow us to do more than this, you can find out more from our flexible LED screens and so many more. Get a free quote today!

What is a Creative LED Display?

A creative LED display is made up of screens mounted to form a unique shape like a cube or a company logo. Depending on the complexity of the design, the screens can be mounted on a surface or a frame. We provide LED screens, mounting equipment, and custom frames for the whole setup in any shape that you require. 

Viewpointec Creative LED displays are remarkable because they are engaging 3D presentations. For curved designs, we use flexible curved LED screens that can easily be bent into numerous shapes. For geometric designs that require more structure, we use our flat flexible LED screens or our standard LED screens. In either case, the screens can be programmed to work in unison or separately depending on the type of display you wish to have.

Our creative LED displays are fully customizable to match your needs. Aside from shape and size, you can also request a specific pixel pitch to ensure the image quality is to your liking. Simply tell us what your vision is and we will create it for you.

Creative LED Display Solutions


Architectural Decoration

Creative LED displays are a delightful way to decorate building foyers or facades. They would be especially intriguing in the nighttime when the screens light up in the dark. They can be programmed to display interesting graphics or any other image or videos that you believe would be of value to onlookers.



Putting up your company logo in the form of a creative LED display could increase its visibility. This would be very effective for branding. More so because you could also use the display screens for advertising or broadcasting important messages to your customers whenever necessary.

Viewpointec Service

Professional Customization Services

Our team of skilled employees handpicks every component that goes into making Viewpointec LED screens. Given this in-depth understanding of every part, they are fully capable of customizing your creative LED display down to the smallest detail. We will work with you through every stage of production to make sure that every detail matches your preferences. Our design team may also advise you on how your creative LED screen cube design could be improved or adjusted for better performance.

Fast Shipping and After-sale Services

We pride ourselves on short turnaround times on all projects. In honor of this, all orders are fulfilled fast and dispatched as soon as they pass our extensive quality checks. Our customer care team will inform you once your order is processed and shipped.

Every LED sphere display is covered under warranty for a limited duration after sale. You are, nevertheless, welcome to seek our repair services after the period lapses. You can also contact us if you experience any difficulties with our products.

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