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Why Do You Need Flexible LED Screen

A flexible LED screen is a type of LED screen developed by the use of LED pixels on rubber or PCB. It is insulated on both sides preventing damage to the circuits making the screen more resilient than the traditional standard one. The material used in the development of a flexible LED screen gives it several advantages over other LED screens. For this and many more, let us dive into the reasons you need a flexible LED screen installed at your workplace, home, or any other place that might require an LED screen.

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Disadvantages of Traditional Standard LED Board

Traditional Standard LED Board
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Traditional standard LED boards have been in use for several years now being applied in various areas like conference halls, malls, advertising agencies, museums, theaters and cinemas, and many more. It is a technology that revolutionized many industries. In recent years, scientists have been developing this technology making it more suitable and modern. Some of these developments are like the flexible LED screens that have improved LED applications.

The emergence of the flexible LED screen is pushing the traditional one out of the market since many people prefer the flexible LED. Although the traditional standard LED board has been useful over the years, it has several disadvantages that may hinder its application in various settings. These disadvantages are as follows.

Thick and Heavy

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Unlike a flexible LED screen, traditional standard LED boards are made using heavy materials. These materials make them very heavy and thick, hindering the manipulation of these boards. Installation of traditional standard LED boards is tiresome and it needs a lot of manpower to do it, this increases the cost of installation. Transportation and storage also contribute to the cost of using traditional LED screens. They need to be delivered at a high cost due to their weight.

They also occupy huge spaces meaning the storage facility must be big to accommodate them. Traditional standard LED screens are easily damaged due to their weight. When handling heavy items, the risk of breakages increases hugely and this causes wastage of resources and time. For these reasons, entrepreneurs need to rethink their decisions and choose a flexible LED screen because it offers more usage while being lightweight.

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Not Versatile Enough

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In the modern world, versatility is a prominent feature in any product. The traditional standard LED screen lacks this property. The traditional standard LED board was made with material that does not allow enough curving, folding, or even some designs and shapes that would have otherwise heightened its appearance. This has made many customers opt for the flexible screen due to its adaptability properties. 

In terms of delivery, not being versatile hinders its transportation since more space will be required to fit the screen without damaging it. The designs of traditional standard LED boards are usually common since they are difficult to modify into current trends. They lack flexibility meaning they are monotonous and this can be a risk for your business. Acquiring a flexible LED screen to replace the traditional one is the wisest choice someone can make in the quest of building their specific brand.

Too Common

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Diversity is the global trend today and no one wants to be left behind. Companies are using this to be at par with their rivals or even become better than them. Traditional standard LED boards have become very common since many buildings, restaurants, worship places, and so on have been using them for a while now. Their properties do not permit various customization as compared to flexible LED screens. 

Since they are not versatile enough, are heavy, and thick, they cannot be manipulated into unique designs to eliminate monotony. Uniqueness is very important especially when it comes to business. Your customers must have a way of distinguishing you from your competitors with ease. Using a traditional standard LED screen may result in clients abandoning your services for better ones.

For flexible LED screens, their flexibility allows for modifications enabling the creation of various designs hence making them diverse.

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Advantages of Flexible LED Screen

Flexible LED Screen1

Flexible LED screens are the way to go. This is the new trend today and every business-minded person is embracing this technology to maximize its benefits for profits. It has come to replace the traditional standard LED boards which have been used for a while making them monotonous. The standard LED board lacked so many features and functionality leading to advancement in LED technology.

The flexible LED screens have many properties that make things easier and better. These features are very enticing to clients leading many companies and business owners to adopt the technology and integrate it into their spaces. Eventually, flexible LED screens will continue to improve in structure and application. If you need any reasons to install a flexible LED screen, then let us look at its benefits.

Flexible Strap LED Display

Make Creative Design Possible

Flexible Strap LED Display

Flexible LED screens are made and customized to any design and shape a client wants. Their features make it possible for this to happen. Their designs are very appealing hence can be used in different ways as displays. The material used to develop flexible LEDs is usually rubber, due to its properties, the LED screen becomes flexible as well. They are easy to set up due to their lightweight.

In terms of customization, LED screens can be made specifically to fit a certain setting or according to specifications by the client. The screens can be rolled up, curved, folded creating shapes like circles, triangles, spheres, columns, cylindrical, and so on. These shapes contribute to the overall design of the screen making it so captivating. These screens are available in various dimensions and pixels. Its application is in conference rooms, gaming studios, airports, and so on.

Custom-Made to Match the Setting

Customized TV Studio in London

Different people have different tastes and standards when it comes to a variety of products such as flexible LED screens. At Viewpointec, whenever we are working with a client, we always inquire about what they desire to see featured on their screen before starting the manufacturing process. Whether it is the shape, size, extraordinary designs, and angles, we got all that covered for you. 

Depending on your environment where you want the LED screen to be mounted, we assess the surroundings to have an idea of which design suits the setting so that it can be customized for you. If a large size screen is required, many regular-size flexible screens are combined to achieve that. They use magnets to make sure they are compact creating a huge screen for your displays. 

All the screens have been fitted with internal heat regulators hence cannot overheat resulting in a durable customized screen in your space.

Customized TV Studio in London
Curved LED Screen

Eye-Catching and Impressive

Curved LED Screen

What better way to impress your audience than using flexible LED screens. These screens have several features that make them very appealing and noticeable even in crowded spaces. When used in commercial buildings, it can be utilized as an advertising medium attracting prospects to your building. The design, shape, and size of these screens need to be fully utilized as well to capture people’s attention.

Flexible LED screens are tailor-made to represent your brand fully and lure potential customers hence increasing your sales and profits. The technique used in developing this technology allows for high-definition image displays making the message very clear and easy to comprehend. They can be used for advertising and announcements in many places like churches, universities, airports, train stations, and other places that are usually crowded.

Greater Adaptability

Due to their flexible nature, these screens can adapt to any environment with ease. Flexible LED screens possess favorable properties that permit them to be applied in several environments without the worry of their damage or dysfunction. They are fitted with internal thermal regulators which enable them to adapt to the external environment’s condition without overheating or freezing.

Their raw materials come in handy whenever unique designs are required. They can be curved/folded into any shape and design to fit the surrounding area. They are easy to install and maintain due to their lightweight feature. When it comes to transportation and storage, flexible LED screens are foldable and light meaning they do not require a lot of manpower for this to happen.

Ultralight, Easy to Install

Rubber is the material used to create flexible LED screens. This raw material is usually light and easy to handle. The Viewpointec flexible LED module is made with only a thickness of 5mm reducing the weight of the screen even further. This structure makes it very easy to handle especially when installing it. They can be set up anywhere with a lot of ease and they do not need a solid support system due to their lightness.

Flexible LED screens occupy less space since they do not need a solid support system. With all these features, you can never go wrong when choosing a Viewpointec flexible LED screen. The ultralight feature also contributes to positioning. When the LED screen is not heavy, it increases the location options hence the client can choose the suitable installation section without compromising on other important aspects. 

Dismantling of these screens is also easy since its structure allows easy access and the manpower needed is also minimum.

Low Up-Keep Cost

Due to their ease of installation, dismantling, maintenance, storage, transportation, and little space occupancy, flexible LED screens reduce costs hugely. The process that goes into developing the flexible LED, like insulation on both sides, aids in maintenance since they prevent damage to the screen. It is also very durable meaning the replacement cost is eliminated for several years.

The transportation cost of the flexible LED screen is possible by any means preferred whether it is via airplane, ships, or road. Since it can be folded, it does not need a lot of packaging items. This also reduces the cost and time of transportation. Flexible LED screens have high functionality, however, they consume little electricity resulting in saving of energy which in turn lowers electricity bills.

The initial installation cost of flexible LED screens might be a bit high, but the overall price will be low since it is very durable. It can be used for many years before requiring a new screen, unlike the traditional standard LED boards.

Creative Flexible LED Design That Can Boost Your Business

Creative Flexible LED Design

For any entrepreneur, the goal is to always make profits through their products and services. However, what sets apart successful ones from those struggling is the utilization of available resources to promote brands and sales. Incorporating flexible LED designs into your space enhances sales by attracting potential clients. Various creative designs can be integrated into your flexible LED screen to maximize its usage.

Creativity is a paramount characteristic of any business to succeed and using various technologies in your designs is a unique way of surpassing your competitors. Flexible LED displays can be customized to meet your goals and desires and increase the company’s sales and profits. Viewpointec is the best company to trust for developing and customization of your flexible LED screen at affordable prices and on-time delivery.

360° LED Screen
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360° LED Screen(Pillar)

360° LED Screen
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A 360° LED screen is a flexible LED screen that displays images and videos on all sides. Due to its flexibility, it can be curved into a cylindrical shape to display in all angles. When advertising a product or service, especially a new one, using a 360° display screen comes in handy in luring in potential customers and investors. It is very captivating to the audience hence they pay attention to the adverts and announcements made. 

They are designed to produce high-resolution images, high sounds, and well-spread brightness. It is used for high-definition irregular shape images and displays. The size of the pillar depends on the clients’ demands but they can be narrow or wide or moderate. The 360° LED screen is normally for permanent indoor installation in areas like casinos, shopping malls, train stations, airports, high-level hotels, and many more. It has several benefits like;

It aids the speaker in engaging the whole crowd regardless of their sitting location

Easily captures the audience’ attention due to its captivating features

It is very appealing

It accentuates your space more

Displays high-quality images and videos with high resolutions

The sound produced by the 360° LED screen is efficient making it very audible for all attendees.

LED Globe

earth globe led display

The LED globe design is a flexible LED screen shaped to become a sphere. It is used in museums, simulations, airports, science centers, 3D theaters, planetariums, and many more. It is made up of several flexible LED screens combined with a magnet to form a spherical shape. This design is very appealing hence it is applied in various ways. The range of LED globes available in Viewpointec is from 4k to over 22k.

The reasons for choosing the LED globe for your flexible LED screen are;

earth globe led display

They grab peoples’ attention easily

Stimulates customers to purchase your products promoting your company in the process

Permits viewers to see in every angle hence maintains concentration

It is very appealing

The images are not distorted as they have a high quality

Assembling and dismantling is very easy

Strap LED Screen


Strap LED Screen

Flexible LED strap designs are a creative way of modifying your LED screen to promote your brand and products. They have a thin profile and can be curved, folded to form straps. They emit sufficient light to showcase your brand to a wide audience. They are used in bars, restaurants, theaters, stadiums, and other settings. They can also be used in trade shows for exhibitions to enlighten your booth attracting more customers.

They have been incorporated with a variety of systems that enable changing of colors, fading effects, and flashing lights according to your preferences. They can be used for signage for advertising and broadcasting to audiences. The strap design has several features such as

They have a high output of light

Very easy to handle

They consume less electricity hence are energy-saving

They are very flexible and permits modification anytime

They are inexpensive

They have a long life span

Easy to maintain

LED Video Tunnel

LED Video Tunnel

Using the LED video tunnel brings a virtual reality experience to your audience without the use of 3D goggles. The images displayed have very high resolution making the experience even more enjoyable. They are innovative ways of customizing your passageways making them more alluring to visitors. LED video tunnel creates an out-of-this-world experience that will stick to your audiences’ minds.

They are applied in many ways like in concert venues, themed parks, clubs, and so on. The screens are used for image and video displays, additionally, they can be utilized as a lighting fixture to illuminate the corridors and entryways. Customization of these tunnels is possible and each of the tunnels has its application and specifications. At Viewpointec, we provide all the services you need in designing custom-made LED video tunnels.

LED Video Tunnel
Ceiling LED Display

Ceiling LED Display

Ceiling LED Display

A ceiling LED display is a type of ceiling that uses LED technology to produce different effects in a building. It involves image and video displays that have amazing lighting effects and sounds to capture guests’ attention while in the building. They serve a variety of functions like advertising, announcements, and informing visitors about the building. It is applied in restaurants and hotels, shopping malls, commercial streets, and so on.

They have several benefits;

They save energy immensely since their consumption is low

They are durable hence require less maintenance and repairs

They are very flexible

The images and videos displayed have a high definition

It lures customers to your building promoting sales and the brand


LED Icon

Another creative way of boosting your business is through your brand icon. Using a flexible LED icon for your branding makes it more noticeable and curious passers-by may become potential customers. The icons can also be used as broadcasting or advertising platforms where you can display your products with ease. These displays are appealing to people and this, in turn, promotes your business and promotes your brand’s reputation in the market.

At Viewpointec, we customize your LED icons to match perfectly with your brand and to fully represent your brand to the world. Our technology allows us to develop different extraordinary designs that are a first of its kind generating buzz for your business. The benefits of using these icons for your brand are;

LED Icon

They are a cheaper option

They are durable hence less maintenance or replacement

LED icons are easily modified in case the company wants to rebrand

They are captivating to prospects leading to an increase in revenues

They are sustainable since they consume less electricity


Many businesses are looking for ways to improve their brands. There are many ways of making this possible and one of the best ways is using the flexible LED screen. At Viewpointec, with over 25 years of experience, we develop flexible LED screens for you with very high precision. No design is too complex for us to handle and we value our clients hence producing the best LED products in the world.

For any inquiries about flexible LED technology, contact us to learn more on why you need flexible LED screens.

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