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6 Best Advertising LED Screens in China 2021

Advertising LED screens are digital displays. They draw attention, are cost-efficient, and can reach a wide audience at the same time. Moreover, they are available in numerous designs that can be applied in different types of settings.

If you would like to elevate your brand’s advertising in the Asian or global market, advertising LED screens would be a great solution. You would, however, need to find a screen that has the right features and dimensions for your needs. Look no further, here are the top advertising LED screens in China in 2021.

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Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED screen
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A transparent LED screen is made up of transparent glass that has LED mapped into it. The LEDs are programmed to work together to display images in different colors. The images will remain displayed on the LED screen when it is turned on. When it is turned off, the screen remains a plain see-through block of glass.

This type of advertising LED screen would be ideal for storefront advertising. Whenever necessary, the sign can be turned on to display products or announce offers and sales. On other occasions, you could leave it off and give customers a full interior view of your store, boutique, or restaurant.

Flexible LED Screen

Flexible LED screen

A flexible LED screen can be folded and curved in different directions and still display high-quality images. It is made by mounting LEDs on a flexible substrate and insulating it with a transparent film. This design makes it affordable and easy to maintain because the LED circuit is easily accessible. 

In terms of application, this would be a good advertising solution for spaces where you would like a creative display. It can be curved into circular, wavy, or even geometric shapes thereby making such installations possible. It is also recommendable for advertising that may need to shift locations from time to time because it is light and portable.

Outdoor Smart City LED Display

Synced outdoor smart city LED screens
Source: www.optokingdom.com

An outdoor smart city LED display has a screen on the front side and a slim cabinet in its back end. The cabinet houses the LED screen module and has an exterior screen for mounting. This advertising screen is compatible with 3G, Wifi, and GPS. It can be controlled remotely to display images or video and different screens can be synced using GPS to all work in unison.

Outdoor smart city LED advertising screens are suitable for street displays, airport, and terminal signage among other applications. They are equally a reliable solution when you need to have multiple signs in different locations that you can easily control from a central point. Their transitions are seamless as long as a strong connectivity signal is maintained.

Indoor LED Screen

Indoor LED screens
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Indoor LED screens are rigid but have a compact design. The LEDs are mounted on a solid substrate which is encased in a slim cabinet. They look like television screens except they are available in a wider variety of dimensions and have to be mounted on a frame. They are recommended solely for indoor use because they have no extra ingress protection against outdoor elements.

Train stations, banking halls, houses of worship, hospitals, and airports would all benefit from indoor LED screens. They can be programmed to display fares, upcoming events, medical awareness campaigns among other advertisements. However, their rigid structure may be rather limiting; there are only a few positions in which they can be safely mounted.

Custom LED Screen

Custom LED screen
Source: www.nanolumens.com

A custom LED screen is a one-off design that is built specifically for you. You would get to choose the shape, dimensions, and pixel-pitch of your advertising LED screen. Further, Your installation preferences would influence the type of material used to make the screen. If, for example, you would like a curved sign, flexible LED tiles may be more ideal than rigid screens.

Advertising is driven by competing brands trying to outdo each other. Each brand attempts to be more visible to customers and convince them that they are the better choice. A custom LED screen would help you achieve that because it is unique. Every time customers see it, they will think of your brand.

Outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor LED screen
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An outdoor LED screen comprises an LED module encased in a waterproof casing. The screen is designed to have high-brightness to remain visible during the day and at night, which serves similar purpose as the decorative LED lights. However, there are options in the market that have an auto-brightness feature. The brightness adjusts according to light intensity throughout the day. 

Billboards are the most common application for outdoor LED screens. They can nevertheless be used as an advertising medium in any outdoor setting due to their ingress protection features. They are quite effective at concerts and sports stadiums and similar environments.


No matter what your advertising niche or target audience is, there is likely a LED screen that could meet your needs. For intriguing HD advertisements, choose a reputable advertising LED screen manufacturer that offers quality products.

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